Todoist – Lot More Than Just A To-Do List

The COVID outbreak has overturned our work-life balance, and so has it affected our daily lives in all. The agony of managing work at and from home is a nightmare for so many of us. I felt like 24 hours a day is just not sufficient anymore with so much work to do.

We all wished that there’d be some new technology to help optimize daily productivity, which has definitely taken a backseat during COVID. Also, there’s so much to do that we cannot but miss a few during the day.

Then I came across Todoist, a blessing upfront. Todoist is a management application that can help you perform tasks optimally. It enables you to manage your day-to-day way better, with all its stand-out and super-helpful features. But let us first discuss the origin and inspiration behind Todoist.

What Is Todoist?

Launched in 2007, Todoist is a tool designed to help you efficiently bring in a work-life balance. Apart from maintaining a to-do list, it also does many other odd jobs like

handling your projects works, scheduling meetings and tasks, delegating work to peers, and keeping all your work in order.

Todoist: Standout Features

Email Addition

With its integration with Google mail, Todoist provides excellent email management services. Available in Google Chrome and Gmail for both Android and iOS devices, you can even convert your daily emails to tasks.

Website or Article Bookmarking

Like you can bookmark websites on Google Chrome, the same feature is available in Todoist. You can save the link to the websites you want to revisit while working on different projects. 

Provides Template to Make Project Checklist

You can copy a task and make changes to it. But what if this feature is available for a whole project.

With Todoist, it is possible. It provides pre-defined templates for blog posts, new launches, new employee onboarding, and many others, with which you can easily create a project, make desired changes in it, and set your system according to that.

Email Forwarding

If you receive some requests by mail and you want to add them to your task list, then adding them manually can be time-consuming. With Todoist, you can simply forward such a request to a project and automatically create a task. It will not just remind you of the task but will save time as well.

Voice Command

Like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, Todoist also supports voice command, making it even easier for you to maintain your to-do list.

Delegate Task and Track Them

Another crucial feature is that if you have a time crunch, Todoist automatically delegates your pending task to someone on your team who has a light schedule. In such a way, all the tasks will complete within the deadline. You can even track the progress of the assigned task.

Todoist Pricing

Todoist provides a hierarchy of types of services it offers, namely Starter, premium, and Business.

  • Starter: Available free of cost, in this package, you can add up to 80 projects and five people on each project.
  • Premium: Available at the rate of $3/month, in this package, you will get 300 projects and access to 25 people per project. Additionally, you will get email filtering, task reminders, productivity trends, and many more features in this type of service.
  • Business: Available at the cost of $6/month and $5 per month on yearly activation. Along with this, you can keep up to 500 projects with 50 people per task. Additionally, you can get a complete chatbox with admins, team inbox, and priority support.

That means premium service includes all the features provided by free services along with its add-on services. And business services offer all the services provided in the premium package along with some extra benefits. 


Todoist is a complete package of services that will make your work life and personal life way more comfortable and efficient. Todoist is trying to enhance its services by integrating with other tools, improving the user interface, and introducing new and better task management algorithms with constant updates. Although the free plan lacks a few required features, you will find everything automated in the Premium and Business package.

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