Oneplus Ai music studio is here !!

Oneplus Ai music studio is here !!

OnePlus, has introduced its groundbreaking AI Music Studio on November 21, revolutionizing the music creation experience. This innovative platform leverages cutting-edge gen-AI-powered tools, enabling users to effortlessly compose and craft their own music.

Oneplus Ai music studio is here !!

With the OnePlus AI Music Studio, users can seamlessly blend their original lyrics with AI-generated beats across various musical genres, such as rap, hip-hop, EDM, and more. The platform boasts a user-friendly visual interface, empowering creators to design music videos for their tracks with ease. The flexibility extends to downloading and sharing the creations on diverse social media platforms.

Ishita Grover, the Director of Marketing at OnePlus India, emphasized that the AI Music Studio goes beyond being a mere tool; it represents a unique fusion of technology and creativity. Users are granted the power to shape their musical journey and unleash their inner artist.

For those eager to explore this musical realm, the process is straightforward. Visit aimusicstudio.oneplus.com and initiate the creative journey by clicking on the ‘Create a Track’ button. Log in using your registered email or create an account effortlessly. Once logged in, the studio offers a myriad of options for music track generation. Select your desired genre, mood, and theme for an AI-generated music video, then proceed.

The platform prompts you to enter a text prompt around which you’d like your lyrics to revolve. Type your input and hit ‘Generate.’ The AI will showcase generated lyrics for your music track, giving you the option to regenerate or proceed to an AI-generated portrait-style music video.

Upon the completion of the music video, you can easily download it to your device or share it by publishing it on the platform’s homepage. Embrace the OnePlus AI Music Studio and embark on a musical journey where technology and creativity converge seamlessly.

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