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SEMrush SEO Tool 2020 Review

SEMrush Review

A Boston based software company, SEMrush offers an online visibility management platform while providing solutions for PPC, SEO, and content, research as well as social media. It extends intelligence data like website traffic information, keywords, site audits, lead generation, etc. SEMrush is an ideal tool that analyses the competition, audit websites, links for building SEO, and many more. 

With over 150 geodatabases, 17 billion keywords, 580 million domains 22 trillion backlinks, 277 million display ads, and 1 billion Google Ads, SEMrush is all set to raise your marketing strategies a notch higher.

SEMrush is known to provide a just and concise overview of how a company’s visibility ranks among that of its competitors. The features like SEMrush competitive intelligence, advertising research, can be used to analyze and scan every domain which holds the most used keywords. 

Domain Analytics at SEMrush ensures a through and through information about various domains, subdomains, and URLs offering a complete competitive intelligence to complete your PPC and SEO tasks. 

As per records, in India, it has over 18 million desktop keywords, 19.5 million desktop domains, 1 million mobile keywords, and 685K mobile domains.

The SEMrush traffic analytics, on the other hand, is built on global data that analyses the competitors, potential partners while quickly estimating the capacity of new markets. It holds about 500 TB raw data from across 190 regions and countries with 200 million panelists who analyze over 1 billion events per day.

The Keyword Magic Tool of SEMrush enriches your keyword research for better SEO and PPC campaigning. The complete count of keywords in SEMrush surpasses 18.3 billion. It offers new keywords with precise volumes that can be segregated based on topics and later analyzed for the best keywords. 

As per sources, the USA has 2.4 billion; Brazil has 1.8 billion, France has 1.1 billion, and the UK has 841 million desktop keywords, thus ranking among the top countries with the maximum number of desktop keywords.

Let’s move to the backlinks in SEMrush. SEMrush allows its users to have a complete overview of a company’s backlink profile. It uses its database, which in itself houses trillions of backlinks, helping to spot any domain that mentions to your website. 

On the other hand, it also accumulates new backlinks regularly and updates every two weeks publicly. It keeps a record of all the lost backlinks within two weeks of its creation. 

According to the latest report, SEMrush has 23.6 trillion backlinks, 17.3 billion URLs and over 1.2 billion referring domains.

Moving on to display advertising reports in SEMrush, it helps evaluate the effectiveness of how other companies build display ads. There are over 46 countries available in the SEMrush ad research database. 

According to the latest reports, SEMrush has 5.2 million advertisers, 3.5 million publishers, and 310 million ads globally. The USA has 130 million ads count, Canada has 27.6 million, Germany at 26.6 million, and the UK has 25.2 million.

SEMrush is an easy and complete organic research that helps in figuring out traffic driving keywords. It evaluates and analyses the daily variations and assists in finding new competitors. The smooth traffic analytical feature with an authoritative site audit tool gives preferences to SEO and other AMP related issues. In contrast, the on-page SEO guidance fixes errors for better ranking on the landing page. 


  • Thorough and comprehensive keyword analysis
  • Extensive information about visitors
  • Monitors variations and gathers relevant backlinks
  • Easy traffic analytics
  • A potent site audit tool
  • CPC map for easy comparison


  • Not very user friendly and requires the experience of online marketing
  • Users complain of inaccurate data

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