Site123 Review

Site123 Site Builder Review 2023

Surveys suggest that it takes about 0.5 seconds or 50 milliseconds for users to form an impression about a website; this decides whether they stay or leave. Most users do not recommend a poorly designed website, and they stop engaging if the layout is not attractive enough.

If you’ve got a big business plan too, have a dedicated team, and the push to work with it, all you need is a web presence. We understand you are no pro to build a website, but you don’t have to be either.

There are a few killer website builders who are professional to the core and will get your website up and running in the most seamless of ways. One such website builder is Site123.

In this article, we will give you a complete review and discuss its plans, pros, cons, and even worth.

Site123: Overview 

Site123 is an independent Israel-based website builder that is known for its user-friendliness and mobile-responsive templates. It is an all-inclusive website builder solution where you can customize the website entirely as per your choice, but you do not need to indulge in manual coding to build the site.

The ready templates are one of the best aspects of Site123. You can pick your website’s category, which can be great for beginners, like online store, blog, tourism, recreational, community, handyman services, health & wellness, and many more.

Site123: Features

Most website builders have ready-made templates at hand, but what really drives the builder is its customization features. It has a simple sign-up process, followed by a step-by-step tutorial that walks you through the process of customization and content addition to your website.

#1 eCommerce Tools

Site123 comes packed with various eCommerce tools. While not all of them are available in the free version, you can get your hands on them in the paid subscription plan.

#2 Product Integration And Apps

One of the best benefits of using Site123 is its extensive list of product integrations. It offers multiple plugins like analytics tools, advertising software, marketing, or support, other than the hosting and DNS services. A few of its available plugins are:

  • Marketing: Drip 
  • SEO: Google Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization: Hotjar
  • Customer Support: Zendesk and Facebook Chat

Site123 also has a considerably good app market wherein you could pick your choice of tools for online bookings, inventory tracking, form building, shipping, and many more. The catch is that if you want to use the integrations, you have to opt for a paid plan. 

#3 No commission

Site123 does not request any sales commission. This means you only have to pay for any transaction fee, which is mostly common across all platforms, i.e., 3%.

#4 Easy Use And Multiple Languages

Site123 does not support drag and drop options, but it has an easy user-interface, which is extremely simple for editing and adding content, customizing, or navigating. Site123 is more of a quick builder rather than a creative one. 

It supports 21 different languages where you can use any five languages to display on the website. Again, you cannot use the multi-lingual option without a paid subscription. 

#5 Domain, Dashboard, And Editing Options

If you are purchasing a new domain or adding an existing one, you will need a paid plan. In case you are buying a new domain from the Site123 available ones, you also get a year of free registration. 

The editing options in Site123 is quite accommodating. You can edit, add or delete pages, content. There is also the option to add content blocks like testimonials or FAQs. You can apply the call-to-action buttons and incorporate videos or photos to customize the website as per your choice.

The dashboard is also quite user-friendly and lets you have a quick view of the website performance like sales, sign-ups, or form submissions. The plugins or apps that you have added will also appear in the dashboard, and you can manage your domain here.

#6 Pricing and Support

Site123 has a single paid subscription plan, i.e., the Premium plan. Although the free plan offers a fair number of features, it only gets better with the paid subscription. You get more bandwidth, storage, custom domains, languages, and access to plugins and also some eCommerce features. 

  • Basic or Free (500MB storage, 1 GB bandwidth, subdomain)
  • Premium: $5.8/month (free domain for one year, 10 GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, connect existing domain, remove floating tags, eCommerce)

Site123 also has a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not sure of the tool, you can request a refund within 14 days from signing up.

Simple sign-up processLimited features in free version
Easy to use interfaceUnable to switch templates 
Several product integrations, apps, pluginsRestricted flexibility
Customizable templates
Live chat

Bottom Line

If you are considering Site123, we’d like to highlight that it does provide the basic required elements to create and publish a new website with its free plan. It can be perfect for beginners who do not want to engage in website building but more in customizing it. 

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