GoToWebinar 2023 Review

GoToWebinar 2023 Review

Web conferencing or webinars have quickly gained popularity in this new age business and marketplace. Webinars have also become an excellent tool for marketing and sales while building and engaging the audience in content.

GoToWebinar is one of the first choices for people who opt for webinars for different ventures. It focuses mainly on a one-way presentation rather than an interactive one like in web meetings. 

As per sources, GoToWebinar hosts over 2.7 million webinars every year.

Webinars have revamped online events into a more engaging and exciting experience for users. GoToWebinar follows a simple routine to set up and pull off an excellent webinar experience for the attendees. 

It starts with a plan, then moves to draw the crowds by promoting, next is to engage the attendees by making it fun-packed, and then convert wherein making use of the previous events to engage more viewers. Lastly, it analyses the performance and generates reports for creating a better experience in the following events.

GoToWebinar provides services to a few notable names like Gainsight, Unbounce, Ontario Systems, and Vyond

In this review, let’s take a look at all the features GoToWebinar has to offer, from event management to internal communications. 

#1 Plan

GoToWebinar aims to set up the whole conferencing process without any hassle, or misses. You can check a desired date for the webinar on its dashboard. You can not only view every webinar but also adjust the date settings if required.  

It also allows flexible scheduling wherein you can set up a one-time event or a series of on-demand events. To further make the process smooth, there are set templates where you can choose the settings as in your past webinars and proceed for the new events.

#2 Promote

With custom webinar invitations, automated email reminders, and registration pages, promoting an event has never been easier. You can add your brand colors, change your channel page as per requirement, or even create a questionnaire for the registrants. 

Further, you can also capture the information of the registrants for future event invitations. 

#3 Engage

The easy to use webinar platform lets you add all the fun back to the webinars. With fully interactive features, it keeps the attendees glued for longer. The engagement dashboard keeps an eye on the progress of the invitations, while the presenter webcams allow you to add a personal touch to the video webinar services. 

The surveys and polls keep the audience glued with their questionnaires and live results.

#4 Convert

You can expand your reach of the webinar by merely sharing it online. The CRM integrations in GoToWebinar makes transferring the data of your attendee a simple step without any hassle.

You can also use pre-recorded events to gain more viewers and manage everything from a single panel.

#5 Analyze

After the event, you can analyze the data of your attendees. At the same time, you can generate reports like attendee reports to know their experience. The event analytics, on the other hand, provides you with a complete overview of how your webinars have performed. 

Pros and Cons


  • Reporting key metrics
  • Seamless registration
  • Pre-recorded events or webinars
  • Integration compatibilities
  • Automated email reminders for webinars
  • Attendee report generation
  • Affordable, value for money


  • Outdated interface
  • Requires third-party integrations

In GoToWebinar, the conference is controlled by one person for the audience. Participation in it is also limited to only voice conferencing without any video options. In the same manner, GoToWebinar does not support desktop or document sharing as well.

Just as there are many features unavailable in GoToWebinar, there are also features that make it more suitable in certain situations than GoToMeeting or other video conferencing tools. For instance, GoToMeeting only supports up to 26 participants and no more in a single conference, whereas GoToWebinar allows up to 1000 participants which can go further in premium plans and events.  

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