Jungle Scout Review: 2023 Best Amazon Tool For Product Research

Jungle Scout Review: 2023 Best Amazon Tool For Product Research

With the ever-increasing demand in the market, suppliers often remain confused about the products to be offered and the ones to be not.

Jungle Scout has been a revolution in this field of business, marking a distinct difference between the older and the modern age Amazon research. In simpler words, Jungle Scout is a product search tool that lets online sellers examine the product database for Amazon.

Jungle Scout is an excellent research tool on Amazon that does detailed research about the winning products, track sales opportunities, track unique keyword trend, and also critically assess various competitors.

Earlier people input a lot of effort into researching different products, analyze various competitors, and creating spreadsheets to make data available to access. However, now Jungle Scout has proved its pivotal role as an Amazon research tool.

Now let us have a dig at the various features of Jungle Scout:

#1 Product Hunter

This is one of the essential features of Jungle Scout, which helps you to discover millions of products on Amazon to grow your business without any too many hassles. 

Clicking on Product Database will offer you 30 different niches that include various categories of products on Amazon.

The second step in accessing this feature is to analyze the chosen products and track their sales estimation, determine their performance, and analyze their competitors during your preferred time and place.

Niche Hunter is another crucial step in hunting for products that helps you to discover the most trending products based on your preferred price range, monthly demands, competition level, etc., and track relevant keywords. 

The last feature under this point is the ‘Sales Estimator.’ This tool is vital in analyzing the monthly sale of a product. This information is beneficial in the launching of the product as well.

#2 Keyword Scout

The Keyword Scout is another important Jungle Scout feature that helps in generating some of the trending keywords. 

The relevant keywords help in creating a successful Amazon PPC campaign and targets the right audience. This further helps in boosting product SEO and is also an easy tool that can be comprehended by all. 

‘My list’ tool helps in organizing the keywords for better product listing. Keyword Scout also assists in building the list. The listing builder tool does the work of a guide in determining the right keyword placement in Amazon listing. Lastly, the listing grader helps in analyzing the performance of the keywords in boosting SEO.

#3 Find Supplier Tools

One of the most critical features of Jungle Scout, these tools help in searching for reputable suppliers globally on Amazon. 

It supplies you with valuable information about the suppliers, which includes quantity, time, the volume of the shipment, and many others. It stores them in for future use. It is an integral part of the growth of the business. 

#4 Launch Tools

After searching the suppliers, it is time to launch the tool. 

Launch email campaigns help you contact your customers and ensures various information regarding the product received by the customer. In return, your customers can also send you feedback or reviews for the product received. 

Jungle Scout also sends automated emails to keep your customers stay connected to your product.

Jungle Scout also promotes different products along with their discount offers to target more audiences. These promotions are significant as it makes your product noticeable by your customers.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout

Like most tools, Jungle Scout also comes with a significant number of benefits while falling behind in some aspects. 


  • User friendly – Jungle Scout is straightforward and does not require much familiarity. It has an easy interface that is exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Available customer support – Jungle Scout offers premium and accessible customer care service, which is available 24×7. 
  • Accurate Estimations– Jungle Scout is almost accurate in quantifying an approximate sales.
  • Easy guide – Jungle Scout provides you with the most accessible guide to access to its tool. The application is pretty smooth and understandable.


  • High on the Budget – Jungle Scout is a bit expensive.
  • Limited extension compatibility – The Chrome extension and web app integration have some problems in working out. Also, it does not support more than single device usage.
  • Limited features in Lite version – the Lite version has considerably fewer features as compared to the Pro version.


An indispensable factor while starting a business is to find the right product to be sold. It is essential not to get buried by the low priced products or even sometimes their pricing. Sellers need to strike the perfect mix of demand and competition to choose the right product.

Jungle Scout can be a great choice when considering the various features it offers for business development. It is also instrumental in its methods to find the right product for sale, discussing various aspects like the region, cost, or scale. 

A lot of people review Jungle Scout to have an intuitive functionality, which is again somewhat true. The various tools and features in Jungle Scout lets a seller create individual criteria for each set of products that they decide to sell.

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