Boost Client Engagement With A 'CRM-Meets-Email Marketing' Solution From Keap

Boost Client Engagement With A ‘CRM-Meets-Email Marketing’ Solution From Keap

CRM helps enterprises, both large and small, develop a unique relationship with their customers, which further creates customer loyalty and retention. Thus, CRM is a management strategy that increases business profits since customer loyalty is a quality that affects a company’s revenue. 

For businesses communicating with their customers while maintaining scalability, a CRM tool offers a simple user interface. This also helps in collecting valuable customer information.

About Keap

Keap is an all-in-one sales and marketing software that is designed for the growing service-based businesses. It suits a variety of industries ranging from entrepreneurs and startups to more strong teams. 

The platform gathers and compiles the customer information and daily works in one place, thus freeing the administrators from repetitive tasks. They have more time and energy to focus on growing their business and delivering exceptional service.

Keap’s CRM For Help In Tracking Every Minute Detail

Keap helps enterprises improve their efficiency, and bring their services in-line with the demand of their clients. It comes with these state-of-the-art features:

●      Removing the dependency of business on spreadsheets

It is a tool that houses all client communication and activities in one place. 

●      No hassle of managing multiple inboxes

Businesses can automatically connect the Gmail or Outlook inbox to Keap to update their Keap contact records with every email message sent or received.

●      Personalized Communications for a prompt response to leads

Keap quickly responds to the incoming leads and existing contacts. It achieves this by sending personalized messages that drive action or sales. Businesses can:

#1 Set up a process to automatically send messages to new leads.

#2 Choose pre-written emails to save time.

●      Proper organization is the key

When a business is organized, the clients have a great experience. Keap allows administrators and IT Pros to keep all client interaction history compiled in one place. They can store client information, including:

#1 Contact info like name, email, social media details, phone number, address, birthday

#2 Any shared files, contract, proposals, documents, images, or folders

#3 History of all meetings, quotes, conversations, emails, payments, any logged notes

#4 Tags (for quick, easy categorization)

#5 Follow-up tasks

●      Master multitasking without trying

With Keap, businesses can personalize the messages and then time their communications to send when new leads come in. This, while they’re busy attending to other clients.

●      Collect the client data which is essential now

Businesses can use Smart Forms to collect the specific info they need immediately whenever a new lead is added.

Some Missing Features Which Can Take Keap’s Functionality To a Higher Level

It is crucial to look for the missing features whenever we want improvement. But first, let’s look at the features offered by Keap’s CRM:

Features Included:

● Calendar/Reminder System

● Email Marketing

● Lead Scoring

● Mobile Access

● Segmentation

● Task Management

● Marketing Automation Integration

● Quotes/Proposals

● Territory Management

Features Missing:

● Document Storage

● Internal Chat Integration

● Social Media Integration

Unprecedented Times Need Innovative Solutions

The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be felt across the world. Small and medium scale businesses are among those who are badly hit. The Keap team works with a purpose to help these small businesses succeed. So, they’ve launched several programs to help them keep going.

#1 Offering $100,000 Grant To Help The Continuity of Small Businesses

Keap created a $100,000 “Keep Going Fund” designed for small businesses that were severely hit by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Whether customers or not, you can apply for the grant.

#2 Free Educational Webinars 

For nearly 20 years, Keap’s team is involved in teaching entrepreneur’s ways to get organized and how to grow their businesses by offering them insights on Lifecycle Marketing. These webinars are available free-of-cost.

#3 Growth Possibilities In The Business

Managers can undergo the Lifecycle Marketing Assessment to analyze the loopholes in their business. One of the best parts is that they can even interact with small business experts for strategies, absolutely free of any charges.

It Is Always ‘Customer First’ For Keap And The Infusionsoft Team

The Keap CRM team understands that now is the best time to work on your business. Automating business processes is one of the most crucial aspects. That is why Keap’s team is always ready to help the customers recieve the most out of Keap products.

#1 Free “Office Hours” with the experts

Keap customers can call to receive expert help with their execution and strategy. This service is available on the first-comer rule.

#2 “Automation Hour” for valuable customers

Automation is the game-changer for small and medium businesses. The partners can collaborate with our experts to hold a 5-part workshop for implementing automation.

Final Words

For businesses that accept that sales and marketing cannot be separate functions, but are a unified process, Keap is an option they must consider.

Larger or more traditional companies generally avoid this hybrid approach, since they deploy a separation between sales and marketing on a foundational level, where each department handles its area independently.

While this approach makes perfect sense for large enterprise users, small and medium businesses with less stringent requirements can reap benefits from an integrated solution like Keap.

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