Todoist – Lot More Than Just A To-Do List In 2024

Meet Todoist, your trusty ally in the daily chaos of 2024. With its user-friendly vibe and knack for keeping up, it’s like having a digital best friend for all your to-dos. Is Todoist still our go-to in a cluttered world of productivity apps? Let’s peek behind the scenes and see how it navigates our real, messy lives.


Introduction To Todoist

Todoist is a main errand of the board application famous for its straightforwardness and viability. Sent off in 2007, it offers an easy-to-understand interface, cross-stage similarity, and flexible elements. Ideal for people and groups, Todoist works with simple assignment creation, association, and cooperation. With synchronization across gadgets and a consistent mix, it adjusts to your work process, guaranteeing undertakings are available whenever and in place. Join millions who depend on Todoist to improve efficiency and transform desires into feasible objectives.


1. Begin each day with a sense of serenity and mastery over your tasks.

Quick Add for Easy Input : Kickstart your day effortlessly with Todoist’s Quick Add feature, letting you enter tasks swiftly without disrupting your flow, fostering a sense of calm as you organize your day.

Recurring Dates for Consistent Planning : Feel in control with Todoist’s recurring dates, effortlessly setting up repetitive tasks and freeing mental space for more significant planning.

Scheduling Subtasks for Accuracy : Achieve meticulous control by scheduling subtasks within Todoist, breaking down larger tasks into manageable steps for a granular approach.

2. Channel your efforts toward the most crucial tasks:

Priority Levels for Vital Focus : Todoist empowers you to prioritize tasks with flexible levels of importance, directing your energy towards critical and meaningful activities for a focused and intentional daily approach.

Reminders for Timely Prompts : Enhance concentration using Todoist’s reminder feature, setting timely prompts for important tasks to stay on track and never miss a deadline.

Favorites for Quick Access : Streamline your workflow by marking tasks as favorites in Todoist, allowing rapid access to your essential and frequently visited tasks, contributing to a more efficient and organized work routine.

3. Personalize your task perspectives to suit your preferences:

 Boards for Visual Organization : Elevate your task management experience with Todoist’s Boards feature, visually organizing tasks beyond traditional lists.

 Labels for Categorization : Tailor your task organization with Todoist’s Labels, categorizing tasks based on themes, projects, or custom criteria for a personalized and efficient task management system.

Filters for Customized Views : Customize your task views with Todoist’s Filters, focusing on specific criteria for a tailored approach that enhances your ability to concentrate on the most relevant tasks.

Themes for Stylish Appeal : Infuse your task management with a personal touch using Todoist’s Themes, choosing from various options to tailor the visual aesthetic of the platform.

4. Consolidate all your tasks in a single location:

Add through Email for Consistent Integration : Todoist ensures convenience by allowing tasks to be added via email, seamlessly integrating tasks from your inbox into a unified task management system.

Comments and File Transfers for Collaborative Context : Enhance collaboration by utilizing Todoist’s Comments and File Upload features, adding context to tasks and attaching relevant files directly, streamlining communication.

Calendar Feed for Integrated Scheduling : Integrate Todoist seamlessly into your schedule with the Calendar Feed feature, syncing tasks with your calendar application for a comprehensive overview of your commitments.

5. Witness clear advancements:

Todoist Karma for Inspirational Tracking : Boost your productivity with Todoist Karma, gamifying task completion with points for achievements and providing a visual representation of progress for a rewarding experience.

Completed Tasks Archive for Reflection : Gain insights and celebrate achievements with Todoist’s Completed Tasks Archive, reviewing completed tasks for reflection and motivation.

Activity History for Comprehensive Tracking : Keep a thorough record of actions with Todoist’s Activity History, tracking changes, comments, and task updates over time for a detailed productivity history.

Productivity Visualizations for Insightful Analytics : Todoist goes beyond task completion with Productivity Visualizations, offering intelligent analytics on task management patterns for informed decision-making.

7. Integrate Todoist into your broader ecosystem:

  • Calendar Integration for Consistent Scheduling
  • Zapier Integration for Automated Workflows
  • IFTTT Integration for Customized Automation
  • Amazon Alexa Integration for Voice-Controlled Efficiency
Todoist - Lot More Than Just A To-Do List In 2024

Todoist Pricing:

Todoist offers a straightforward and flexible pricing structure designed to meet the varying needs of individuals and teams. Please note that pricing details may have changed since my last update, so checking Todoist’s official website for the most up-to-date information is advisable.


US$4 per month
billed yearly
US$6 per member/month
billed yearly
5 personal projects
Smart quick add
Flexible list & board layouts
3 filter views
1 week activity history
Integrate email, calendar, and more
300 personal projects
Calendar layout
Task reminders & duration
150 filter views
Unlimited activity history
AI Assistant
A shared team workspace
500 team projects
Unlimited team members & guests
Unlimited project folders
Team roles & permissions
Centralized team billing
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User Reviews:


Todoist has an average rating of approximately 3.6 out of 5.0 stars on Trustpilot, with feedback from some users.

Todoist - Lot More Than Just A To-Do List In 2024

Google Play Store:

Todoist receives positive reviews on the Google Play Store, showcasing its reach and satisfaction among users.

Todoist - Lot More Than Just A To-Do List In 2024

Apple Store:

On the Apple Store, Todoist boasts an impressive rating of about 4.8 out of 5.0 stars, reflecting positive feedback from numerous users.

Todoist - Lot More Than Just A To-Do List In 2024

What are pricing plans of Todoist ?

Todoist provides different pricing plans, including a Free Plan, Todoist Pro (Premium), and Todoist Business, catering to individual users, teams, and larger organizations.

How does Todoist integrate with other applications and platforms?

Todoist offers integrations for Calendar, Zapier for automated workflows, IFTTT for customized automation, and Amazon Alexa for voice-controlled efficiency.

What are the user reviews and ratings for Todoist?

User reviews vary, with positive ratings on Google Play Store and Apple Store, while Trustpilot provides a platform for some users to share their experiences.

How can Todoist help me personalize my task management?

Todoist allows users to personalize task views through features like Boards, Labels, Filters, and Themes for a customized and visually appealing experience.

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