Gorgias Review

Gorgias Review- Awesome Customer Service Made Easy for Online Stores

Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to keep all the user probes in a centralized manner. Also, handling FAQs, opening, and closing of tickets manually can be a little time-consuming. That’s where Gorgias comes in. 

Gorgias is a software that has emerged as the one which can help you in guaranteed customer satisfaction. It is a complete support service for your online store. 

With Gorgias, you can have all your communications from the comfort of your home or office. You can even automate customer interactions. 

Users will get a seamless solution to their queries directly via Gorgias without hitting your official website. And it will be a chance for you to increase your sales by turning visitors to customers too. 

Moreover, Gorgias has a unique feature with which you can estimate the total sales increase generated by customer support. 

Gorgias’ central vision is to provide advanced customer support to growing eCommerce brands to raise their customer support interactions. 

You can automate customer support, such that the repetitive questions that people ask will be answered automatically. In this way, your customer support will also somewhat take care of your marketing and, increasing the overall profit share.

The Shopify Support  

Gorgias is an all-rounder for Shopify. Right from personalization to handling day to day tasks, Gorgias gives ideal support to Shopify.

Gorgias for Shopify provides cloud storage where all the customer history and their order detail are stored. This means you do not need to request for customer details over and over again. 

Also, Gorgias has an automated user tracking system to get the user detail within a single click. It makes it extremely easy to store a user’s complete data in their database, which further improves customer and support interaction.

Keeping customer details handy, it becomes effortless to keep track of the same customers’ future order details.

Gorgias uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to clearly understand users’ intent by the tone of their question and replying to them accordingly.

Also, with this advanced technology, it helps to prioritize the user queries based on their intent. For example, the replies’ sequence is as follows- urgency, tracking updates, and return policies.

The Magento Stack 

Retrieving data directly from Magento’s website, Gorgias provides instant reply to all the queries. The accuracy of Gorgias in this process is what makes it a world-class customer support.

It is difficult for an eCommerce website to personalize all the user data in a particular format. This is what Gorgias is providing to its client. Right from the first name to address and order details, Gorgias stores it all on their cloud in a well-formatted manner.

With all the data intact at a single place, customer response time becomes negligible. 

Stats show that Gorgias has automated 40% of Magento’s customer response. The common questions that people reiterate repetitively are responded to with the automated response system.

Again, with the AI and machine learning techniques, it understands customer queries’ intent and responds accordingly, thus decreasing the overall response time.

Fetching accurate data from the Magento site, Gorgias has significantly increased its overall sales as well.


Gorgias avail four different kinds of plans as per user specifications that are:

Basic ($50 Per Month)

Gorgias resolves up to 350 tickets per month with the basic plan and charges $25 extra for the next 100 tickets. This plan includes live chat support, automated rules, and unlimited user support with Shopify interaction.

Pro ($250 Per Month)

It provides up to 2000 tickets resolution per year and $23 extra for the next 100 tickets. 

Along with services included in the basic plan, it additionally provides Magento support, customer satisfaction survey, additional 50 integration, and overall revenue statistics.

Advanced ($625 Per Month)

With 6000 monthly ticket resolution and $14 for extra 100 tickets, it also provides services similar to the Pro plan and additionally provides a specialized support executive for customer queries.

Enterprises (Customized Price Point)

In this package, Gorgias tries to turn every customer query resolution into a sales opportunity. 

With custom ticket volume, you will get all the services mentioned in the Advanced list with 600 integrations and customer service in the Enterprises plan. 

Final Thoughts

Gorgias helps in optimizing your customer service like no other. With automated responses to providing a unified customer service, Gorgias does an excellent job in pushing sales. 

Although it does not have a trial version, the basic plan is good enough for a quick experiment to know if the tool really works out for you. 

You can also receive your second month of Gorgias for free. Just sign up with your email here, and you’ll be invited for a complimentary demo and a second free month on the Gorgias team

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