Bill.com: Is It Worth to Use It?

Bill.com: Is It Worth to Use It?

Unable to manage your bills and payments every month. We understand how critical yet hectic it can be to tackle all your daily tasks and remember to pay all your bills on time.

What if I told you that there is a fast and efficient way to pay your bills? Trust me; you can quickly get this functionality by Bill.com. Paying bills couldn’t get more comfortable and easier with this platform.

What is Bill.com?

Launched in the year 2006, Bill.com is a unique software built by Rene Lacerate. The main functionality of Bill.com is that it provides an automated solution with which it pays your recurring bills automatically. Apart from this, you will get invoice capabilities with Bill.com. 

But it doesn’t mean that Bill.com will replace your accounting software, but it will work along with it. Both Bill.com and your accounting software will perform in sync to keep your bills updated.

With its recent update, you can find a way easier user interface. Because of its invoice feature, it will help you a lot during your audits.


Bill.com offers two types of services depending on whether your account is payable or account is receivable.

Within payables, you can find the following features:

  • Pay recurring bills.
  • Vendor management and credits.
  • Send bills for approval.

Within receivables, you can find the following features:

  • Send recurring invoices.
  • Item management.
  • Accept payment online.
  • Credits memos.
  • Contact management.


Apart from free trails, within Bill.com, you can find four different plans, which can provide you other features. Bill.com never asks for your credit card details while you are using free trails. The four business plans Bill.com include:

Essential Plan: you can find Essential Plan at $39/month, where you can find features like Accepting online payment, managing payables or receivables, Unlimited invoice storage space, connection with Bill.com Business Payment Network, and user permissions.

Team Plan: Team plan will cost you $49/month, where you can find all those features that are including essential elements. Apart from this, you can find features like synchronization with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Xero. Also, it provides custom user permission.

Corporate Plan: Corporate Plan is available at 69$/months, where you can find all the functionalities that the team plan provides. Apart from those features, you will be able to Manage Receivables or payables. Also, you will be getting automated payment and invoices, Custom and discounted approvals to users.

Enterprises Plan: Enterprises is the most reliable Plan you can have. It includes everything that the above three plans provide. Apart from this, multi-location and multi-entity accounting files. Apart from this, it will sync you with QuickBooks and NetSuite. You can even import or export Microsoft dynamics and API support.

Features of Bill.com

User Interface

Although the previous user interface of Bill.com was not that friendly and people find it hard to navigate in that environment. But the currently updated user interface of Bill.com is way easier to understand and learn. 


On the dashboard of Bill.com, you can find the complete report of your business financial status. You can see graphs and charts there, representing your growth. Apart from this, you can find the full documentation of invoices, bills due, and payments in and out. 


If you own account receivable services, then you can find three invoice templates. With this level of customization, you can add your company’s logo. You can also find the statistics of invoices sent or received, along with your overdue and many more.

Client Portal

Also, with Bill.com, you can pay your invoices directly to the Client portal. The only drawback of Bill.com is that customers have to create their log in ids and passwords, which can become pretty frustrating. But the advantage is that it is free and provides secure payment.

Contact Management

Another pro of using Bill.com is to store your contact information like name, company name, billing address, default payment account number, and lots more. Among each contact information, you can full client payment history and information.


Bill.com can be your perfect invoicing solution, which can 100% automate your bill-paying process. It additionally provides you e-audits, constant emails, and payable and receivable invoices.

Thus, you will not have you worry about billing and accounting in your business and can focus on other crucial factors and the best user interface and safety integrations. You will be surprised by the support you will get while in terms of accounting while using Bill.com.

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