Moosend: Features, Prices, and Review 2023

Moosend: Features, Prices, and Review 2023

Founded in 2011 by Yannis Psarras, the concept behind introducing the Moosend platform was to help small-scale business organizations successfully implement their business campaigns. It has an instinctual interface of framing emails, holding up campaigns, coding without any web design knowledge.

If compared with other similar platforms, Moosend fairs pretty well given all its features and the reasonable price point. This article will briefly discuss its key features, pricing, and why people love Moosend.

Moosend Key Features

  • Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of your business efforts. It shows all the updates like changes in subscriber count, mail lists, and broadcasts.

  • Segmentation

Marketers can easily build custom opt-in forms which are added to their website and other social media handles. It collects all data from every visitor. Every field can be customized and contains basic info such as gender, age, etc.

You can then use this data to segment users or visitors or even remove bulk subscribers at a time.

  • Analytics

The Analytics tab allows you to check on the campaigns. This feature will keep track of the links that a subscriber clicks on; on the other hand, the device metrics give you insights into the devices and emails your subscribers use.

  • Split Testing – A/B Testing

It also offers split testing, or A/B testing, with which you can optimize emails and subject lines. You will get to create different versions of a particular email, which you can redirect to a distinct proportion of your subscribers. It will be keeping track of the ones that do an exceptional job, and those emails will be pitched to the rest of your customers.

  • Deliverability

This is an excellent feature as it helps get a higher percentage of your emails to subscriber inboxes. You have various best practices to increase the deliverability of your emails.

  • Integrations

Moosend offers you 39 native third-party integrations. Having ties with PieSync and Zapier helps connect with numerous applications. However, you need an additional subscription package to access this feature.

Some of the integrations are Verifybee, WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and many more.

  • Automation

Allows for drip campaigns which means, that it sends out automated emails reaching out to customers. Moosend contains pre-built flows with distinct triggers and timelines for a total of 18 types of drip campaigns, including:

# Abandoned cart

# Happy birthday email

# Repeat purchases reminder

# Special offer reminder

# Upsell & cross-sell.

  • Cost and Pricing Factors

For Moosend, the starting price is 10$ per month with 2000 subscribers. It offers a discount of 22% on annual contracts, which need to be paid upfront. Other than that, it also has some detailed plans like pro and custom.

Moosend: Features, Prices, and Review 2023

Image: Moosend-Pricing.png

  • Customer Service & Support

Every company gets access to a determined and dedicated Account Manager, who provides the best marketing practices and other tips to the dealers. Subscribers can contact through the customer support system by email or y live chat. 

Final Verdict

I hope this review has helped you in understanding the features of Moosend.

It is a platform that highlights email marketing and helps in executing proper business and marketing strategies efficiently. With a robust automated workflow system, it is a solid choice for any small business organization.

The pricing factor is a bit high. However, Moosend keeps track of your campaigns and continuously monitors the events taking place, starting from sending out automated emails and storing subscriber’s data.

In my honest opinion, it will be a fair call to use Moosend if you are looking for good results. Good luck!

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