SEMrush Review: 2020


When you think of the next best tool to improve your digital business, particularly SEO or keyword research, SEMrush covers all the aspects. SEMrush is known for its merit in extending intelligence data to companies for a concise overview of its site audits, website traffic, links for building SEO, rank, lead generation, and more. 

Speaking in numbers, SEMrush claims over 5 million users, 140 geodatabases, 710 million domains, and more than 18 billion keywords. With all competitive features, SEMrush is a trusted tool for renowned brands like Booking.com, eBay, Quora, and HP. 

In this article, we will walk through the extensive features of SEMrush, its pros, and its cons.

Main Features Of SEMrush: 

#1 Analytics Reports


Organic ResearchIn this report, you can view your competitor’s strategies, link building, and best keywords, and discover new competitors. 

  • Advertising Research

It lets you monitor the landing pages and ad copies and check the competitors’ keywords and ad budgets.

  • Display Advertising Tool

This tool gives you an overview of the competitors’ strategies, new publishers, and also provides audience insights to target the right audience.

  • Backlinks

SEMrush allows users to have a complete overview of a company’s backlink profile. It primarily uses the database, which has trillions of backlinks and helps to spot any domain that mentions your website. 

  • Keyword Research

SEMrush lets you find the right PPC and SEO campaigns while exploring the global markets.

  • Product Listing Ads

Here you can view your competitor’s best performing product listing ads. 

  • Traffic Analytics

SEMrush reveals the overall performance and traffic of your website in this section. This opens up new avenues to check for potential customer behaviors and leads.

  • Market Explorer

Set your website’s benchmarks here by analyzing the different niches and markets for each.

#2 SEMrush Tools

SEMrush offers its customers a range of tools to combine, cross, and evaluate data to make comparisons with competitor domains, generate reports, search keywords, check CPC, or even research topics.

  • Keyword Difficulty

SEMrush helps you find the right keywords which have lesser competition. It also lets you determine the keyword difficulty almost instantly with its SEMrush Keyword Difficulty tool.

  • Domain vs. Domain

SEMrush lets you compare and visualize data of domains to check the unique or common keywords.

  • Charts

The Charts offer a complete overview of your strengths and weaknesses in the business. Not only that, but you can also identify your competitors with the key visibility indicators.

  • My Reports

You can gather all your data in the My Reports section. You can also custom-build, manage, and share your reports regularly with the schedule feature.

  • Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush offers more than 20 million keyword ideas to choose from. These keywords are segmented in different groups according to the relevant topics. You can also export these keywords to the other tools in SEMrush. 

  • CPC Map

You can check your average Cost-Per-Click across regions, compare it with search volumes, and explore the competition both local and global.

  • SEO Writing Assistant

You also have an SEO writing assistant to fine-tune your content and optimize it with better applicable keywords. 

  • Topic Research

SEMrush allows you to create a content plan using information like most searched for headlines, popular topics, and other analyzes.

#3 Monthly Pricing

SEMrush offers three subscription plans and has an Enterprise solution that is custom and can be adjusted as per business needs. You can go for a plan depending on the scope and size of your business.

  • Pro: $99.95 
  • Guru: $199.95
  • Business: $399.85


  • Competitive organic research
  • Keywords are research-specific
  • Strategic advertising
  • Expands the reach of social media
  • Audit for backlinks


  • Sometimes a little too technical
  • Does not have white-label reports
  • Traffic volume accuracy 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt SEMrush is one of the easiest and comprehensive organic research tool. With smooth analytical features and extraordinary SEO strategies, you can probably give this tool a try with the free trial options on Pro and Guru Plans.

Monday.com Review: Excellent Hands-on Project Management



Project management is one of the most in-demand skills today. More and more companies are diversifying their operations across teams spread all over the globe and need to coordinate better their efforts to increase their productivity. 

Monday.com is one such application that allows teams to collaborate on projects even while working remotely. This tool enables project managers to track their projects and adhere to project timelines effortlessly. It also helps with resource planning and project budgeting.

About the company

Monday.com is an Israeli startup founded by Roy Mann, a former gaming entrepreneur, and Eran Zinman, head of RnD at  Conduit Mobile. They were on a quest to find a way to keep employees engaged in rapidly scaling companies, without losing their productivity.

In mid-2018, they raised a third round of $50 million funding, taking their total valuation at around $500 million (pre-money), nearly five times their value from a year ago.

The company has faced some mockery over their choice of name, but the founders believe that they can change the way the world looks at this particular day of the week.

Today, the firm claims to serve clients from 201 different industries and 141 different countries. They have offices in New York as well as Tel Aviv and are expanding at a formidable pace.


The most distinguishable feature of Monday.com is its user-friendly interface that provides seamless access to different parties to a variety of information clearly and concisely. 

Employee onboarding is simple, and the learning curve is quite flat. Users usually get hands-on with the different tools in a short time.

The dashboard displays the progress of each task and the overall project progress. It offers widgets to visualize data better while allowing data integrations from different sources. It is also possible to make different dashboards for clients or separate teams.

There are also many project budgeting tools available like time and expense tracking, resource management, the cost to completion tracking, and many more. Users also benefit from a Gantt chart with color-coding, milestone tracking, capacity monitoring, task management, and dependency tracking features.

Monday.com also allows integrations with several other tools and platforms like Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, Pipedrive, JIRA, Trello, Zapier, and many others.

Overall, this is a feature-packed application with a wide range of tools to serve various industries and firms of all sizes.

Support and community

The company has a good knowledge base to help its clients get started. The topics range from basic operational questions to billing related inquiries. There is also a support section dedicated to its mobile app. Users can find an extensive list of articles and can navigate using a search bar.

 They also provide video tutorials on some of the most common topics. Furthermore, they also do webinars and online knowledge sharing sessions to enhance the customer experience.

Moreover, there are community forums where users interact with others and find a solution to some of their problems.




Billed annually
Unlimited free viewers
unlimited boards over 20 column types
iOS and Android app
kanban view
embedded forms
5 GB file storage
1-week activity log1 board per dashboard to-factor authentication
Self-serve knowledge base
24/7 customer support


$10USDPer user/monthTotal$49
Billed annually
Everything in Basic plus 
50 GB file storage Unlimited
activity log 
Timeline view 
Calendar view 
Map views 
Advanced search 
Forms customization 
4 guests billed as 1 user 
250 actions/month (Integrations +   automation)
3 boards per dashboard


$16USDPer user/monthTotal$79
Billed annually
Everything in Standard plus
 Time tracking 
Chart view
 Formula column 
Custom tags 
Private boards 
2500 actions per month (Integrations +   automation)
10 boards per dashboard
Google authentication


Contact the company
Everything in Pro plus
 Single Sign-On (Okta, One   login, Azure AD, Custom SAML) 
Audit log 
Session management
HIPAA Compliance 99.9% uptime SLA
 Advanced account  permissions 
250,000 actions (Integrations +   automation) 25 boards per dashboard
tailored onboarding

For more than 200 users, the client needs to contact the sales team to get a price.

Pros and cons

Clean interfacePer user pricing makes it expensive
Gantt chartMobile app can be better
Templates save a lot of timeNeed more integrations
Great for creating pulse boards
Customizable views for pulse boards


Monday.com is a powerful tool, especially for small to medium-sized companies. The modern and feature-rich platform will help improve internal communication ease collaboration on a broader scale.

GoToWebinar 2020 Review

Web conferencing or webinars have quickly gained popularity in this new age business and marketplace. Webinars have also become an excellent tool for marketing and sales while building and engaging the audience in content.

GoToWebinar is one of the first choices for people who opt for webinars for different ventures. It focuses mainly on a one-way presentation rather than an interactive one like in web meetings. 

As per sources, GoToWebinar hosts over 2.7 million webinars every year.

Webinars have revamped online events into a more engaging and exciting experience for users. GoToWebinar follows a simple routine to set up and pull off an excellent webinar experience for the attendees. 

It starts with a plan, then moves to draw the crowds by promoting, next is to engage the attendees by making it fun-packed, and then convert wherein making use of the previous events to engage more viewers. Lastly, it analyses the performance and generates reports for creating a better experience in the following events.

GoToWebinar provides services to a few notable names like Gainsight, Unbounce, Ontario Systems, and Vyond

In this review, let’s take a look at all the features GoToWebinar has to offer, from event management to internal communications. 

#1 Plan

GoToWebinar aims to set up the whole conferencing process without any hassle, or misses. You can check a desired date for the webinar on its dashboard. You can not only view every webinar but also adjust the date settings if required.  

It also allows flexible scheduling wherein you can set up a one-time event or a series of on-demand events. To further make the process smooth, there are set templates where you can choose the settings as in your past webinars and proceed for the new events.

#2 Promote

With custom webinar invitations, automated email reminders, and registration pages, promoting an event has never been easier. You can add your brand colors, change your channel page as per requirement, or even create a questionnaire for the registrants. 

Further, you can also capture the information of the registrants for future event invitations. 

#3 Engage

The easy to use webinar platform lets you add all the fun back to the webinars. With fully interactive features, it keeps the attendees glued for longer. The engagement dashboard keeps an eye on the progress of the invitations, while the presenter webcams allow you to add a personal touch to the video webinar services. 

The surveys and polls keep the audience glued with their questionnaires and live results.

#4 Convert

You can expand your reach of the webinar by merely sharing it online. The CRM integrations in GoToWebinar makes transferring the data of your attendee a simple step without any hassle.

You can also use pre-recorded events to gain more viewers and manage everything from a single panel.

#5 Analyze

After the event, you can analyze the data of your attendees. At the same time, you can generate reports like attendee reports to know their experience. The event analytics, on the other hand, provides you with a complete overview of how your webinars have performed. 

Pros and Cons


  • Reporting key metrics
  • Seamless registration
  • Pre-recorded events or webinars
  • Integration compatibilities
  • Automated email reminders for webinars
  • Attendee report generation
  • Affordable, value for money


  • Outdated interface
  • Requires third-party integrations

In GoToWebinar, the conference is controlled by one person for the audience. Participation in it is also limited to only voice conferencing without any video options. In the same manner, GoToWebinar does not support desktop or document sharing as well.

Just as there are many features unavailable in GoToWebinar, there are also features that make it more suitable in certain situations than GoToMeeting or other video conferencing tools. For instance, GoToMeeting only supports up to 26 participants and no more in a single conference, whereas GoToWebinar allows up to 1000 participants which can go further in premium plans and events.  

Nord VPN 2020 Review

Nord VPN

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Panama, Nord VPN is a strong contender in the VPN industry. A reputed and branded VPN service provider, Nord has millions of customers and supports access on multiple platforms – macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, Synology, Western Digital, Dray Trek, Socks 5 and more. The genesis of the name, Nord, was inspired by “Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation”, as the CMO Marty Kamden said. Our team signed up and used the Nord VPN for weeks, and came back with the following review.

Nord Account Setup

The account setup is seamless. Simply download the software in the chosen devices, login with
credentials, and start surfing. You can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously across many platform
types. All the connected devices will be secured individually. Through the personal dashboard, you can
remove any device anytime.

Nord VPN Servers

Nord VPN has around 5100 servers in its network spanning 62 countries. Even if a couple of these
servers do not work or gives slow speed, there are thousands of options to choose from. Most of the
servers are based in the USA, followed by Europe. The number of server networks in Africa and the Asia
Pacific is limited.

Nord VPN Speed

Our team checked the Nord VPN speed on various geographical locations and the results were good. The
overall speed was good. You can check the VPN speed through Speedtest.net. We regularly got 45Mbps
speed on a 50Mbps line. As the distance between your physical location and chosen server location
increases, there can be a slight drop in the ping time but overall, it was extremely satisfactory. During
testing, we could stream 4K HD and 2K on YouTube without any disruptions.

Streaming Options

With the Nord VPN premium account, you can use their servers to access these international platforms
– Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Yle, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Globo SportTV, Eurosport, Channel 4, Comedy
Central, Player.PL and ORF.
Do note that Netflix hates users who try to bypass their content restrictions. However, Nord has set up a
dedicated page highlighting how you can access regional content on Netflix – bookmark this page.
Torrenting activities are supported only on their selected servers. It is categorized as the Onion Over
VPN, Double VPN, Dedicated, or P2P. It gives greater options for torrenting but the speed was not too
good as it was with normal streaming or browsing activities.

Nord VPN Privacy

The privacy features of Nord VPN are similar to other VPN industry leaders. They have a “no log data”
policy which means that all your Internet activity via the VPN is not logged and stored on their servers.

Since they are headquartered in Panama, they don’t need to store your data for legal enforcement
However, it does collect non-personal and personal anonymized data to improve its performance
metrics. These anonymized data include IP addresses, ISPs, operating system, browser type and version,
and access date/time, email address, name, address, payment details, billing method, country, and
credit card (partial) information. Do note that you can buy the Nord VPN subscription with Bitcoin,
Ripple, and Ethereum to avoid providing your credit card information or via Cash if you are in the US.

Nord Security

Nord VPN does not use redundant Internet security protocols. It works with industry standard
encryption technology. Nord is known to provide IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN protocols, apart from
CyberSec which constantly monitors the Nord servers for malware and virus. CyberSec keeps track of
bot activities and blocks DDoS attacks swiftly. It also automatically blocks your access to dangerous
websites, auto-play videos and pop-ups unless you manually switch off the Settings to allow pop-ups
and videos.

Moreover, Nord VPN uses the Double VPN technology, which means that two VPN servers are linked to
give you a double layer of protection and identity masking. Your computer first connects to the first
VPN, the first VPN connects to the second VPN before reaching the desired web address. In short, your
data is twice encrypted

. In conclusion, the performance of Nord VPN is good and commendable. Their privacy protection laws
are strong and they have a 30-day refund policy, which not many VPN service providers offer. Nord VPN
is a reputed and a strong VPN provider that we can recommend. You get security, privacy, and speed at
a throwaway price.

ZenMate VPN 2020 Review


Founded in 2013 in Germany,  ZenMate has around 45 million customers and is one of the high-rated VPN service providers presently. It is a beginner-friendly VPN and supports multiple platforms – Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, Firestick TV, Chromebook, Smart TV, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, and routers.  

Our team signed up and used the ZenMate VPN for weeks, and came back with the following review.  

ZenMate Account Setup  

The account setup is seamless. You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Simply download the software in the chosen devices, login with credentials, and start surfing. Through the personal dashboard, you can remove any device anytime.  

ZenMate VPN Servers 

ZenMate does not specify the number of servers they operate but they are available across 30+ countries. There are dedicated VPN servers for torrenting and streaming. You can view the distance between your current location and the ZenMate server to help with optimizing the speed. Select locations nearer to your actual physical location for optimal speeds. 

Bookmark favorite servers for quick selection. Do note that the ZenMate service is not available in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China. You can download but the company does not guarantee service. Users from the UAE, Pakistan, and Turkey might face issues as well.  

ZenMate VPN Speed  

We monitored the speed of ZenMate servers for a few days and over multiple servers and found that their speed is quite good for online gaming, browsing, and streaming. Best speeds were recorded from New York, Sydney, London, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong servers. ZenMate has private DNS servers to prevent DNS leaks.  

There were no issues with connection or streaming lags that inconveniences any user. Establishing a connection to the U.S Netflix though leaves much to be desired until they upgrade to better connectivity. If you are looking at buying ZenMate just for accessing U.S Netflix, we will not recommend it. There are better options.  

You do have unlimited bandwidth but the speed is capped at 1GB/s, which is sufficient for a large number of users.  

Streaming Options  

With the ZenMate premium account, you can use their servers to access these international platforms – Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Yle, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Globo SportTV, Eurosport, Channel 4, Comedy Central, Player.PL and ORF.  

During our ZenMate testing, we sometimes experienced network disconnections with their US server but the GE and UK servers were more stable.  

You can also use ZenMate for torrenting through their dedicated servers for faster downloads and without the concern of being monitored. The dedicated servers display server load and user count in real-time to avoid download slowdown.  

ZenMate Privacy  

Similar to other high-rated VPNs, ZenMate follows the “no log data” policy which means it does collect information about your online activities. It does not keep a log of websites visited and content downloaded, and other sensitive information that can put your identity in danger.  

However, it does collect non-personal data such as the IP addresses, ISPs, operating system, browser type and version, and access date/time and personal data such as email, name, address, payment details, billing method, country, and credit card (partial) information. The data is anonymized and used for improving its product line.  

ZenMate Security  

The VPN users are protected by the industry standard AE-256 encryption and their browser extensions encrypt the traffic totally. A new encryption key is created for every session as part of their commitment towards implementing perfect forward secrecy measures. This means that even if someone manages to hack your current online session, once logged out, the encryption key becomes useless.  

The ZenMate VPN connects with L2TP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN protocols. The user can also turn on and off the automatic kill switch, and there are dedicated anti-tracking and anti-malware technologies in-built with the system.  

Customer Support 

Unfortunately, with a company operating on a large scale, their Support system is unreliable. The FAQ section is not updated and they take 1 to 5 working days to answer the Support tickets, which is way higher than the current industry standard.  

In conclusion, the ZenMate VPN is a recommended option if you are looking for high speed, convenient, strong, and a reputed VPN provider.  

CyberGhost VPN 2020 Review

cyberghost vpn

Founded in 2011 in Romania, CyberGhost is one of the best available VPN services available. The VPN networks with around 3600 servers in 58 counties, and with a single CyberGhost VPN account, you can connect up to 7 devices. The VPN supports desktop, Android, and Apple devices. We tested the premium VPN service for weeks and wrote out the following review.  

CyberGhost Account Setup 

The onboarding process is simple and quick. Once you buy a subscription package, the software download begins automatically. An email is sent with login information. Remember to change the system-generated password immediately. For retrieving account access, CyberGhost sends a special key code – keep it safe.  

CyberGhost VPN Server Range 

The servers are located around the world, but mostly in Northern Europe and Northern America. In the Southern hemisphere, their server networks are in Australia, South America, and South Africa. After creating an account, you can browse and select specific server locations, and can also view what that server allows you to do. While one server can just allow streaming, another one can enable global browsing.  

We spoke with the CyberGhost team and learned that they are actively adding on to its server network to give expensive options to the user.  

CyberGhost VPN Speed 

Speed is of high importance when using a VPN service. Slow speed is a common cause of complaint with many VPN service users. In the fast-paced Internet world, slow speed is a dampener. After creating the account, we checked the CyberGhost VPN speed and it turned out well.  

After logging in to the premium CyberGhost VPN account, test the speed of the Northern Europe and Northern America servers. You can use Speedtest.net for this. While the speed of Northern Europe and Northern America servers were good, the speed from South-East Asian servers was slow.  

The best way to use a VPN is to choose a location near your current location. When data has to travel a greater distance, the speed slows down automatically. Hence, choose a nearer location and there will not be major drops in speed and connectivity.  

Of course, do remember that if you want to view content from any geo-blocked country, you have to access the content from the country where it is allowed. For example, to access the U.S Netflix, you have to access the server from a North American server or an Australian server.  

Streaming Options 

With the CyberGhost VPN, you can access BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, Kodi, and do torrenting. This VPN is an excellent choice for 4K or HD streaming, and you have Chrome and Firefox extensions from quick connectivity.  

A quick note on torrenting – unlike many other VPN service providers that ban torrent downloads, CyberGhost premium plan gives you access to dedicated servers from where you can download torrents, and that too from multiple locations. In fact, a unique feature we were happy to see was that you can see in real-time how many other users are using the dedicated server for the same purpose.  

They have taken torrenting a step further. With their “No-Spy” premium upgraded package, you can frequently download torrents through servers directly managed by CyberGhost employees. This feature has dedicated uplinks, better speeds, higher bandwidth, and robust hardware.  

CyberGhost Privacy and Security 

CyberGhost VPN believes in “no log files” policy, which means that your activities will not be recorded for further use. Other VPN service providers collect your usage data, which means that there is a record of all the sites you are visiting and the content you are downloading. In a legal situation where they get subpoenaed, they are bound to hand over this information to authorities. However, CyberGhost VPN does not fall under the 14-Eyes Alliance, which means that they are not legally bound to store any users’ data for law enforcement purposes.  

Their technology uses 256-bit military-grade encryption to keep your account and access safe. There is an Internet kill-switch too for immediate shutting down of current server activities. There is also an anti malware feature which when turned ‘on’ will scan the sites visited for malware infections. In short, you are kept secure from accessing unsecured sites.  

In conclusion, the CyberGhost VPN is highly recommended if you are new to using a VPN setup and want a pocket-friendly option. 

ExpressVPN 2020 Review


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is an industry leader in the
VPN segment. A reputed and innovative VPN provider, does it still live up to its reputation after 10 years
in the business? Our team set out to explore and came back with the following review.
ExpressVPN Speed
We tested the ExpressVPN server speed across multiple geographical locations and theirs is one of the
fastest we have ever seen in the VPN segment. The tests were run using a 50Mbps wired connection
using 256-bit OpenVPN. The speed results from servers nearer to our locations were excellent, and the

speed maintained its range as the distance grew between locations. Reduction in speed from long-
distance locations was minimal, barely noticeable.

If you want the best speed from their fastest servers, select the “recommended server” feature from the
Dashboard. The system will automatically recommend the best speed servers based on your location.
ExpressVPN Security
ExpressVPN server speed is excellent but what about security? Presently, ExpressVPN uses SHA-512
HMAC authentication with 4096-bit RSA key and AES 256-bit encryption – the unbreakable industry
standard without compromising good performance. They also follow the Perfect Forward Secrecy
protocol received through the Diffie-Hellman key exchange.
There are four VPN protocols available in the ExpressVPN app – OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, PPTP,
and IPsec/L2TP. But you can use the “Automatic” mode for the ExpressVPN system to select the ideal
VPN protocol based on your network settings.
Next, they have a “Network Lock” kill switch feature which helps to keep your data secure that will block
all the incoming traffic in a situation where the VPN connection drops. This helps to ensure data
encryption. The feature is available in Linux, macOS, Windows, and Routers. Our team checked this
feature and it worked smoothly!
ExpressVPN Privacy
British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a self-governing and independent entity that follows strict business and
individual privacy protection laws. Due to this, it is not mandatory for them to store and retain user data
for law enforcement purposes as it is required for US or UK headquartered VPN companies. BVI has
strong data secrecy policies. Being an ExpressVPN user, your data falls under privacy jurisdiction BVI is
not a part of the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes surveillance.
As such, ExpressVPN follows the “no data logs” policy – we verified it! They never log IP addresses,
browsing history, DNS queries, metadata, and traffic destination. This is also proven from the 2017 news
when the Turkish police seized one of the ExpressVPN servers to retrieve data in the Andrey Karlov,
Russian Ambassador to Turkey, murder case. ExpressVPN officials gave the statement that they are not
bound by Turkish law and therefore, they have no data to provide.
ExpressVPN Servers

ExpressVPN has a wide and authoritative network of servers. It has around 3,000 servers spread over 94
countries and 160 locations. Best server coverage is available in North America and Europe, followed by
Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. On their server page, you can see the VPN
protocols of each server and their online availability status.
The servers are run in RAM disk mode, which means that nothing will be stored on any hard drive. Any
time the RAM is powered off, all the data in the server gets wiped off and starts afresh. It is referred to
as the TrustedServer feature in the industry. According to us, it is the perfect way to follow the “no log,
no data” feature.
Do remember that there are no dedicated IP server options available yet. It has browser extensions for
Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. The ExpressVPN Android and iOS apps are excellent.
Netflix Streaming
ExpressVPN streams Netflix perfectly. It is currently the highest recommended VPN to stream Netflix
due to its 24×7 access to Netflix and excellent speed. If you face any network-wide blocks, contact their
Support system and they will tell guide you towards the best server.
Dedicated VPN Router
If you want unlimited connections, you have to choose their dedicated VPN router app with which all
the connected devices will have location anonymity, new IP address, and encrypted traffic. You can
easily switch between VPN servers, access kill switch, and also have the split tunneling feature.
In conclusion, ExpressVPN is a robust, military-grade, and secure VPN service provider.

SurfShark VPN Review 2020

Surfshark VPN

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), SurfShark is a new entrant in the
VPN market. It was a finalist at the Cyber Security Awards 2019 in the Startup of the Year category – a
great accomplishment indeed.
Given the presence of stellar and reputed VPNs already, do we need another VPN? What does this have
that the others do not? This question was running in my mind while purchasing its premium plan to
review. Let us see.
SurfShark vs Other VPNs
SurfShark differs from the rest for the following reasons:
(1) Accessible in China – This is a major accomplishment when compared to other VPNs. It seems that
SurfShark has successfully bypassed the VPN ban in China, meaning that Chinese users can use the
SurfShark VPN to access any global site. We do not know how long will they be able to successfully
remain bypassed before the Chinese authorities get wind of it but until then, this is a major
differentiator between SurfShark and other VPNs.
They have built a dedicated site for Chinese residents and bypasses The Great Firewall of China using the
NoBordersTM mode. To access this, navigate to the “Advanced” menu option from your Dashboard
“Settings” and activate the “NoBordersTM” mode to connect to SurfShark China servers.
(2) Netflix – Even with other VPNs you can access Netflix US but SurfShark has gone a step further and
unblocked Netflix access to 16 Netflix libraries, including the USA, UK, Japan, and Denmark. The
Dashboard shows which servers you need to connect with for accessing the relative Netflix account.
SurfShark Security
SurfShark uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, and 256-bit AES encryption, which are the leading
encryption standards. The use of these two protocols means that it can be installed on a variety of
devices and routers. For additional authentication, it incorporates SHA512 authentication hash and
2048-bit DHE-RSA key exchange.
Through the OpenVPN setting, you can switch between UDP and TCP. The server technology has
interwoven WebRTC leak protection. There is the kill-switch feature to terminate a session if there is
network connection disruption – other than iOS, it has to be manually turned on from the Settings.
They have a HackLock feature to detect data leaks and a BlindSearch feature to yield purely organic and
uninfluenced search results. The BVI-based company also passed a full security audit by Cure53 and its
Warrant Canary is clear of any threats.
SurfShark Privacy
Being based out of BVI gives users protective coverage. BVI follows strict company and individual data
protection policies and does not record or store any user data as part of their “no log data” policy.
However, it does collect anonymized data to improve its services such as IP addresses, location, name,
browser history, session timestamps, network traffic, and bandwidth.
SurfShark Servers

Being a new entrant in the market, it has an impressive server count. Currently, their 1000+ servers are
spread across 61 counties, which includes countries where the Internet is censored like Turkey, China,
Korea, and Cuba.
SurfShark Speed
I tested the server network speed across the US and Europe. Servers that were located in relatively
remote cities did experience some time lag but overall, the speed was good. I streamed 4K HD videos
with a 60Mbps connection and a server in Hong Kong, and the average clocked speed was around 40
Mbps. The speed is good enough for sharing files, gaming, media streaming, and torrenting. It works
with uTorrent, qBittorrent, Deluge, Vuze, and BitTorrent. You can successfully download torrents from
RARBG, LimeTorrents, TorrentDownloads, 1337X, and ThePirateBay.
The SurfShark VPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their monthly plans are a bit steep but if you
are up for a straight 24-month commitment, the price is affordable. A free trial is only available for Mac
users, iOS and Android mobile devices. Apart from paying via credit card, you can pay with Google Pay,
Amazon Pay, PayPal, Alipay, and cryptocurrencies.
Customer Support
Perhaps, SurfShark is the only VPN service provider in the market with 10 modes of offering customer
support 24×7. Woah!
In conclusion, the SurfShark VPN shows a lot of potential and lives up to its promise of being a secure,
private, and strong VPN service provider.

Bluehost Review 2020

Bluehost is a web hosting tool that hosts nearly 2 million domains globally. It includes services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and many more. 

It is considered as one of the best-shared hosting platforms with a speed of 405 ms. It has 24/7 live chat support with unmetered bandwidth and storage features along with free email accounts. 

Bluehost customers can get access to data on 3558049 websites. India has 2742 live sites, while the USA has 664,785 sites.

In this review, we will breakdown the features of Bluehost for a better understanding of the tool.


Uptime must be your top priority while choosing any web host. Bluehost fits into this criteria with an excellent uptime of 99.99% throughout the year. 

This is considered to be the best when compared with other web hosts. It is therefore considered as one of the most reliable in times of crisis. 


The best element to determine the performance of any web host is its speed. Bluehost is 85% faster than many other web hosts. The site loads within less than two seconds. 

According to 2018 reports, through the use of Pingdom, a third-party tool, Bluehost has performed well with a speed of 405ms, which got it ranked 5th among the fastest tested site. 

On the other hand, Cloudflare also helps it to improve its loading speed. 

Regular Backups

Backing up the data or information for later use is important when running a website, which is often overlooked. It is important to have an automated backup option. Bluehost fulfills this criterion and ensures regular backup and restoration of the website for emergency use.

However, it would be best if you upgraded your third-party backup software when you have a severe shortage of backup space. This feature of Bluehost allows you to restore all your data safe when any error occurs. 

Bluehost Is Beginner-Friendly

Building up a website involves many processes that might be difficult for beginners to understand. Bluehost is very easy to use even if you are a novice in the field. It has an excellent customer boarding experience with a simple user interface where the complex technical elements are well explained. 

Bluehost has many user-friendly tutorials for easy navigation whenever you are struck.

Flexible and Scalable

Bluehost is very flexible as it offers various plans to scale up your site. Upgrading from one plan to another is very easy, without any downtime during the process. 

The customized interface allows you to determine when to upgrade and how.

Security Features

With the help of a free SSL certificate for each plan, Bluehost offers a good range of security options. The domain privacy feature, which is included in all the plans, ensures to keep all the personal information safe and prevents hackers from illegally handling your data. 

Sitelock is also included in its security feature that prevents the entry of any malware. CodeGuard helps in daily backup and restores all your data in case your account gets hacked.


Besides the security option, Bluehost also allows many apps and integrations. WordPress can be installed with a single click. Other popular content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, etc. can also be installed. 

Bluehost has access to Content Delivery Network that takes care of your images, files, and delivers faster to the users globally. Bluehost has excellent customer service and support through various live chats, email ticket support, and even phone support that connects within two minutes.


  • Outstanding uptime
  • Good for WordPress sites
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Integration compatibilities
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Several hosting options


  • No free automatic backups
  • Pricing is high and confusing
  • Does not support Windows hosting
  • Slow support response time
  • No free site migration

The reason that people prefer Bluehost is due to its uptime and loading speed. Besides, it has stable security features with a guarantee for money return. However, it has higher renewal rates, even though its introductory price is low. Overall, Bluehost has a secure performance value.

Site123 Site Builder Review 2020

Site123 Reviews

Surveys suggest that it takes about 0.5 seconds or 50 milliseconds for users to form an impression about a website; this decides whether they stay or leave. Most users do not recommend a poorly designed website, and they stop engaging if the layout is not attractive enough.

If you’ve got a big business plan too, have a dedicated team, and the push to work with it, all you need is a web presence. We understand you are no pro to build a website, but you don’t have to be either.

There are a few killer website builders who are professional to the core and will get your website up and running in the most seamless of ways. One such website builder is Site123.

In this article, we will give you a complete review and discuss its plans, pros, cons, and even worth.

Site123: Overview 

Site123 is an independent Israel-based website builder that is known for its user-friendliness and mobile-responsive templates. It is an all-inclusive website builder solution where you can customize the website entirely as per your choice, but you do not need to indulge in manual coding to build the site.

The ready templates are one of the best aspects of Site123. You can pick your website’s category, which can be great for beginners, like online store, blog, tourism, recreational, community, handyman services, health & wellness, and many more.

Site123: Features

Most website builders have ready-made templates at hand, but what really drives the builder is its customization features. It has a simple sign-up process, followed by a step-by-step tutorial that walks you through the process of customization and content addition to your website.

#1 eCommerce Tools

Site123 comes packed with various eCommerce tools. While not all of them are available in the free version, you can get your hands on them in the paid subscription plan.

#2 Product Integration And Apps

One of the best benefits of using Site123 is its extensive list of product integrations. It offers multiple plugins like analytics tools, advertising software, marketing, or support, other than the hosting and DNS services. A few of its available plugins are:

  • Marketing: Drip 
  • SEO: Google Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization: Hotjar
  • Customer Support: Zendesk and Facebook Chat

Site123 also has a considerably good app market wherein you could pick your choice of tools for online bookings, inventory tracking, form building, shipping, and many more. The catch is that if you want to use the integrations, you have to opt for a paid plan. 

#3 No commission

Site123 does not request any sales commission. This means you only have to pay for any transaction fee, which is mostly common across all platforms, i.e., 3%.

#4 Easy Use And Multiple Languages

Site123 does not support drag and drop options, but it has an easy user-interface, which is extremely simple for editing and adding content, customizing, or navigating. Site123 is more of a quick builder rather than a creative one. 

It supports 21 different languages where you can use any five languages to display on the website. Again, you cannot use the multi-lingual option without a paid subscription. 

#5 Domain, Dashboard, And Editing Options

If you are purchasing a new domain or adding an existing one, you will need a paid plan. In case you are buying a new domain from the Site123 available ones, you also get a year of free registration. 

The editing options in Site123 is quite accommodating. You can edit, add or delete pages, content. There is also the option to add content blocks like testimonials or FAQs. You can apply the call-to-action buttons and incorporate videos or photos to customize the website as per your choice.

The dashboard is also quite user-friendly and lets you have a quick view of the website performance like sales, sign-ups, or form submissions. The plugins or apps that you have added will also appear in the dashboard, and you can manage your domain here.

#6 Pricing and Support

Site123 has a single paid subscription plan, i.e., the Premium plan. Although the free plan offers a fair number of features, it only gets better with the paid subscription. You get more bandwidth, storage, custom domains, languages, and access to plugins and also some eCommerce features. 

  • Basic or Free (500MB storage, 1 GB bandwidth, subdomain)
  • Premium: $5.8/month (free domain for one year, 10 GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, connect existing domain, remove floating tags, eCommerce)

Site123 also has a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not sure of the tool, you can request a refund within 14 days from signing up.

Simple sign-up processLimited features in free version
Easy to use interfaceUnable to switch templates 
Several product integrations, apps, pluginsRestricted flexibility
Customizable templates
Live chat

Bottom Line

If you are considering Site123, we’d like to highlight that it does provide the basic required elements to create and publish a new website with its free plan. It can be perfect for beginners who do not want to engage in website building but more in customizing it.