LeadFeeder Review: 2023 Website Visitor Tracking Software

If you’re not measuring your business, is it even worth doing? Tracking performance and plays a pivotal role when it comes to decision making in a company. 

Tracking stock, sales, orders, expenses, and creating massive spreadsheets is one of the best practices to understand where your business is heading, and what changes should you bring about.

Most marketers like to think of Google Analytics as the only website analytics tool. While we agree to its full-bodied platform and unrestricted use, there are way too many other tools that can compete with Google Analytics and complement its features at the same time.

LeadFeeder is one such sales and marketing tool which caters primarily to B2B businesses. With complete Google Analytics as well as email provider integrations, it offers you the most strategic information that you can use to nurture leads. 

Let’s dig in a little further and discuss the different features of LeadFeeder, its benefits, pricing, and more.

Quick Recap

LeadFeeder offers a comprehensive range of website tracking tools that help businesses in lead scoring, generation, filters, and automatic reporting.

It supports multiple integrations like email providers such as MailChimp and CRM integrations like Zoho, HubSpot, and Zapier. 

LeadFeeder Features

#1 Lead Insights And Scoring

LeadFeeder gathers all the data using Google Analytics and provides you with a robust database of contact details with little effort. It gives you valuable insight, but it also lets you see the visitor activity on your website, so you know the needs and interests of the user. 

Also, it automatically places your best leads at the top of your list, giving you an idea about where to put in your efforts and how. This is one basically by tracking the web activity of a lead and ranking the scores.

#2 CRM Automation 

With this feature, the tool automatically sends all your data to your existing CRM structure. This automatic lead sync with CRM can be extremely beneficial to enable your sales pipeline to work better and quicker.

#3 LeadFeeder Booster And Versatile Filtering

The LeadFeeder Booster pushes your daily incoming data to almost 12 times that of the normal. So, you get more and quality leads with the lead scoring, instead of struggling with ISPs or bots. 

You can also include filters to get regular feeds about companies, pages, or campaigns.

LeadFeeder Pricing

LeadFeeder has only two plans, one of which is free. The free version is a basic membership plan which only allows you to use limited features and only has a data retention of 3 days. You can list unlimited users but only up to 100 leads.

Premium: $55 per month

In the Premium plan, you can avail of all the features provided by LeadFeeder. You will have complete access to information here like:

  • Company details: Location, industry, contact information, etc.
  • Contact database: Leads information like email address and social profiles.
  • Custom Feeds: Use attributes to segment companies or users.
  • Visit Details: Visitor activity on your website.
  • CRM integrations.
  • Filters: Filter out relevant companies or data.
  • Collaboration Tools: Assigning leads to salespeople.
  • Imported Lists: Manage and monitor prospects with custom lists.

Bottom Line

Instead of providing you with aggregate data, LeadFeeder shows you what exactly is going on with your website. 

The various features like easy and multiple integrations, lead filtering, in-built lead scoring, import lists, only adds to the ability of a business to gather information about leads and prospects, better than before. 

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