Fiverr Review 2020: Get Your Job Done Easily

Fiverr Review 2020: Get Your Job Done Easily

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can avail of all kinds of services for as little as $5. Although the site’s pricing style is distinct, Fiverr is still a website for freelance services, which brings its authenticity into question.

You shouldn’t worry about Fiverr’s legitimacy, though. It went public recently, making it a bona fide marketplace for digital services. It is also very popular, with 5.5 million buyers and 830,000 freelancers transacting every day.

Nonetheless, with established alternatives like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com available, it is reasonable to question whether spending your time or money on Fiverr is worth it.

In this review, we’ll go over what services you can avail of and offer on Fiverr, discuss if (and how) it keeps you safe, and look at its pricing options. We’ll also weigh out the pros and cons, which should help you decide if it’s worth your investment.


There are practically no bounds to what services you can offer or avail of on Fiverr. The most popular categories of services availed include:

  • Graphics and design
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Video editing and animation
  • Music production and voice-overs
  • Programming and tech

However, Fiverr has over 200 categories in total, and you can avail of (and offer) various other business, lifestyle, and industry services.

If you’re buying, finding the right freelancer is more complicated than just selecting the category of services, and entails further sorting. You will need to answer a few questions, like how much you want to spend, how quickly you need the job done, and if you require an English speaker.

Listing the exact requirements will pull up a list of freelancers that can meet your needs.

The yellow heart with a number alongside the freelancer’s profile indicates the number of positive reviews. In general, the better the reviews, the higher the price – but you can also expect a top-notch outcome with a top-rated freelancer.

If the freelancer is popular, you may need to wait longer to receive your product.


Paying people upfront can be scary, but Fiverr has a sophisticated system in place to protect you from scams and ensure that you receive a satisfactory outcome.

All the reviews on the site are legitimate, and going through them will give you a good idea of the quality of services you will receive.

Additionally, the money you pay via Fiverr does not directly go to the freelancer. Fiverr holds your funds until you’re completely satisfied with the job. If you’re not satisfied, you can either request a revision or a refund.

Freelancers who charge more typically offer unlimited revisions, and you don’t have to accept the product until you’re completely happy.

If you’re planning to freelance on the platform, you must be ready for harsh scrutiny, needless haggling, and sometimes even downright blackmail.

The upside, though, is the freedom to work as and when you like, and the opportunity to make more money.


Plans start from $5 (hence the name “Fiverr”) and go up to the scale of thousands of dollars. You won’t need to pay that much for every job, but you must remember that you get what you pay for.

Whether you’re an individual looking for some professional intervention, or run a business and need a consultation, Fiverr will enable you to find a party that can get it done.

If you’re new to freelancing on the platform, you will have some trouble initially. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll have to offer your services for much less than they’re worth to grow your profile cumulate some good reviews.

Pros And Cons

Great pricesDifficult for new freelancers to get a start
Many distinct categories 
Pros and Cons

Fiverr is perfect for those looking to work remotely and also those looking to get work done for cheap. Although the business model leaves both buyers and sellers open to exploitation, Fiverr does a great job of regulating business and ensuring all parties are satisfied.

Giving it a shot, regardless of if you’re buying or selling, is worth it.

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