Soundstripe – Should you use in 2023 ?

Soundstripe.com is a website that provides a music licensing service for video producers, filmmakers, YouTubers and content creators. They provide a subscription-based service that gives customers access to a library of pre-cleared, high-quality music tracks that can be used as background music in their video projects. The tracks available on Soundstripe are created by a variety of independent musicians and are not available on other music licensing platforms. The website also provides a search function to filter the tracks based on mood, genre, tempo, and more.

Soundstripe might not have as large a variety of high-quality music as certain other royalty free music subscription websites, but it is still a great option. The interface is well-designed, and the licensing is comprehensive and straightforward, eliminating the hassle of copyright issues for Soundstripe users. The cost is inexpensive compared to similar platforms, and the integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Frame.io makes video creation easier and more streamlined for Soundstripe users. The search function helps you gather highly targeted results, and members will possess licenses for their music even after their membership eventually expires or is cancelled. All in all, Soundstripe is a legitimate and excellent website for royalty free music to use in podcasts and videos.

Benefits of Paid Membership

  • A membership covers the use of any music in the library for your video production, and the license remains valid even if your membership expires.
  • The pricing of Soundstripe is quite reasonable compared to other similar platforms.
  • There are not many restrictions on how you can use the music (besides in projects that are pornographic in nature), and the licensing is straightforward.
  • With the premium membership, you can download and edit parts of songs (stems) such as the vocals, drums or guitar.
  • Most of the membership options also include sound effects.
  • The curated playlists are excellent.
  • Soundstripe’s interface is lag-free and user-friendly.
  • Even if you cancel your membership, you will retain the licensing to all of the songs you have already used in your projects.
  • More than 50 percent of Soundstripe’s music library is exclusive to Soundstripe, making the songs unique.
  • You can follow or favorite artists or playlists to add them to “My Music” and find them easily in your profile.

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